Welcome to my website!

DSCF0830 copy2 copy 2Welcome to my website!

If you have looked at this site more than once over the past few days, you could think you are going quite mad. The template is changing like a terrified chameleon, and new header photos slide in and out in a teeth-gnashing frenzy. I am a techno-dinosaur on an assignment mission. Welcome to my nightmare.

Reflections of a Vintage Student … Reflections – well, that’s fine. These blogs will be reflections on life over the past three years as a Creative and Professional Writing student at Canterbury Christchurch University. Vintage – ahh. I checked out ‘vintage’ in the Oxford Dictionary and I might need to pin that one down with the jolly ol’ ‘critical sandwich’.

At fifty-eight, I could be considered mature. High-quality – well as students go, I don’t render the tutors in need of counselling. I turn up, I listen, I make eye contact and concentrate with all the grey matter I can summon. I don’t gossip while the tutor is talking, check out my Facebook, take pouting selfies for Snapchat or arrive with large boxes of chicken and chips. I do, however, have a brain cloaked in cobwebs that frequently seeps information like my neighbour’s overflow, have deaf and dreamy moments, sneak bananas in for a quick nosh despite a food ban and lose my temper with table-thumping ferocity under extreme duress.

I am friend, mother figure and confidante in varying degrees to my bunch of student comrades – an upwardly mobile 5C, as I described us after a new tutor declared she had never come across a class like ours in all her years as a university lecturer. OMG shame! Mrs Kelly, my headmistress had risen from the grave and taken me back fifty years!

But, hey, onward and upward. I love learning, and every time life becomes too settled I appear to add another layer, refreshing and renewing life with new adventures. “Is that wise?” my grandmother used to ask. No, not always. But I feel alive, if not always peaceful.

I am a mother, grandmother, writer, pacifist, nature-lover, adventurer and spiritual seeker. I am Sue.


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  1. Wow, Sue. Such a lovely descriptive. I felt like I was in the class with you when you described the students and teacher! Good luck to you. Onward and upward. X

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